Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Fever Design Challenge

So today is the reveal day for the Spring Fever Design Challenge.  Here are the beads and sari silk I received.

I started with the bracelet, naturally because I make a lot of bracelets (although recently that's changed to a lot of earrings!) so it seemed apt to start with the 'least' challenging piece.  I knew I wanted to make a multi strand, something I have been making a lot of recently so couldn't see beyond multi strands.  I teamed the lovely Blueberribeads bird with a stunning lampwork bead from Cheeky Cherub designs.  The ceramic bead from Lesley completed the 'focal' area of the bracelet.  For the 4 strands (it's pretty difficult to see in the picture but there are actually 4 strands!) I used leaves (a tonne of it) and twisted tooth shaped wooden beads.  I would normally add multiple charms on the closed ring, but decided on one this time, Blueberribeads leaf charm just completes it I think.

Waxed Irish linen cord and light green/lime leaves The Curious Bead Shop, dotty lampwork bead Cheeky Cherub Designs, twisted tooth shaped wooden beads SmittenBeads,
Next were earrings.  I went for a 'mismatched' yet 'balanced' look, something else I've made a lot of recently. 

Ceramic rounds and disc beads Thea Elements, brass connectors Patina Queen

Now the most challenging piece.  It was screaming out to become something really bright and cheerful but again I toned it down with lots of wooden beads.  I think the teeny blueberribeads birdie looks pretty cosy surrounded by all that wood.  I don't think I've ever made anything without metal in it so off I went looking for a button that wasn't metal to use for my button clasp.  I couldn't find a complementary acrylic button so I raided my artisan ceramic components box.  I came across several Bo Hulley Beads button but only one looked right with the necklace (I hope so anyway).  So here we have the completed necklace.

Ceramic pendant Thea Elements, Wooden twisted tooth beads Smitten Beads, ceramic bird Blueberribeads, ceramic button Bo Hulley Beads

Now onto the sari silk. I have wrapped it onto some memory wire coils.........I have no idea how it will end up as I never have a plan for any of my pieces.  That could also be because there is no design space on my bead's a right beady mess ;).  It will definitely have more beads added, well as many as I can fit onto the wire. So this is very much a WIP shop which will hopefully have the polymer word heart charm added to it along with a few other bits.

Polymer word heart charm Pips, sari silk and peanut seed beads Smitten Beads
Hope you enjoyed my second blog (I'm a proper newbie :D) and my first time participating in a challenge which doesn't look very 'springy' to me (except maybe the WIP piece) now that I look back at all the pieces.  Here are the rest of the links, go see!!

Caroline Dewison - 
Erin Prais – Hintz –
Toltec Jewels - 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

So I thought I should start a blog and this is my very first blog post. I start it with showing you a mixture of necklaces from my collection..  So here goes:

Vintage beads, stoneware pendant RaggedRobyn

Stoneware pendant RaggedRobyn

Czech glass The Curious Bead Shop

Jade Scott pendant

 Polymer clay house Pips, polymer clay bird Bead Me Up Buttercup, ceramic pendant Bo Hulley Beads

Bronze bead cap Thea Elements

Hot air balloon Moogin

If you like anything you see, let me know.  In the meantime I am going to attempt to add my shop details, wish me luck!